Null's Royale for Clash Royale

Null's Royale for Clash Royale

By Supercell (tweaked by Null's Servers)

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Have you heard about the most ridiculous duel in Clash Royale? They are even more ridiculous now. Secret Bags with 150K cards are included.

Unlimited Resources
You have unlimited gems and gold! Ah... Have you heard about our mysterious bags with tons of cards?

Play with real players. Fair: we have almost unbeatable anticheat in comparison with other private servers.

Custom Cards
We have some great custom cards. You can play them in challanges.

Change Log

• Update for losers
• This update has some new technical things which may have some hidden caveats. If you experience any game crashes while previously everything was ok contact me immediately
• We are currently running an experiment on how we deliver Android APK files. If you have problems downloading APK via the link above, you can contact me



Last Updated

April 20, 2023

Null's Royale for Clash Royale