By Marcus Zhou

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A simple yet elegant way of waching anime on your favorite anime websites.

Change Log

• The iOS app is now about 9X smaller
• Fixed an issue with subscriptions loading forever
• Title tracking between Anime Sources and Anime Listing Services is now case insensitive
• Fixed tracking on MyAnimeList if the anime title is longer than 60 characters
• Added support for downloading while the app is in the background
• Fixed an issue where downloaded videos would get removed at random
• Notifications should appear more quickly and more often
• Local video playback will no longer interrupt AirPlay
• Fixed UI for Recently Watched anime on larger devices
• Fixed issue where Recently Watched anime would not update its artwork or other metadata
• Fixed issue where the app may crash during heavy use
• The mouse cursor on macOS will automatically hide during video playback
• Added support for ArrayAnime
• Added support for Pantsubase
• Removed Aniwatch and 9anime
• Updated many different sources and servers


1.2.7 (Build 6)

Last Updated

April 25, 2021